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Mike & Mary Horrigan (USA)

I wanted to touch base to let you know we had a wonderful time in Iceland. Although we did not achieve the primary goal of viewing the Northern Lights, that was something out of our control and it is a good excuse for planning on Sweden or Finland next year. Honestly, the landscape was breathtaking wherever you looked, we had a great Blue Lagoon visit (yes, we beat the eruption by 3 days), and the trip up a glacier for sledding and exploring an ice cave was really special. We even got to experience driving through an Icelandic blizzard. Even though that prevented us from seeing the northern part of the peninsula, we enjoyed the forced day of relaxing in the hotel and watching it from a comfortable chair. The one thing that really surprised us was the food! It was exquisite!  Especially at the hotels. Even with the “exception” hotel on Vestmannaeyjar Island, we went out and had a great meal at a nearby restaurant, “Gott“. Thank you for all you did in setting the itinerary and the hotels. After a wonderful time in Iceland, we can’t wait until the next trip.