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J. Alvares (Evillard, Zwitserland)

Just returned from my second holiday trip organized by Hemingstone Travel. The first trip was a short holiday to Barcelona and now just a couple of weeks ago I did a much bigger trip across Asia, which included Hongkong, Macau, Vietnam and Thailand. This in approx. 10 days. All of my trip was organized from A to Z by Hemingstone Travel. As this was my first major holiday since my retirement I wanted to keep the risk as low as possible and decided to use a travel organization with a solid reputation. Now being back and reflecting on the trip, I must say I am very satisfied how Hemingstone Travel organized the whole trip. This because I was left with maximum space to enjoy my holiday and did not have to worry about anything regarding bookings, accommodation, logistics etc. And when there was something they were right on the phone to support and coordinate. So definitely I will get back to Hemingstone Travel to plan my next trip. Thank you Hemingstone Travel!